XANDRA Character Documentation - (Unreal)

Please refer to this documentation as a start-up and troubleshooting guide for which contains solutions to frequently asked questions.  


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Setup Guide: 

Important Project Requirements 


These are required for the character to work in any new project.

  • Important! Enable Virtual Texturing Support in the project settings 

    • Virtual texturing is required to make body and head materials show correctly. 

    • This solves a common problem where the body material appears on the head. 

  • Important! Enable the Plugins:  

    • Apple ARKit,  

    • Apple ARKit Face Support 

    • Live Link 

Moving characters to your own project:

  • First, open my character project in the same version of Unreal Engine as your existing project (Works with 4.25 - 5)
  • Select and right click on any MAPS (search: "L_") in my character project. Click Asset Actions > Migrate, then choose the content folder of your existing project.  


Customizing your Character: 

Check this video for a quick demonstration 


The customization parameters are part of the character blueprint, usually found under “XANDRA/Characters/your purchased pack 

Making a new custom character: 

  1. Make a duplicate of the character blueprint 

  2. Open the blueprint, or drag and drop it into a level,  

  3. You should see all the customization parameters when scrolling down in the details panel. 


Saving the customized character: 

  • If you edited the blueprint directly, you may simply save and use it 

  • If you edited the character in the scene, "apply instance changes to the blueprint" to save.

  • If you didn’t duplicate the blueprint, and want to save your changes as a new character instead of overwriting, by creating a "child blueprint class".



Using Live-Link

  follow this tutorial to connect your compatible device


In the Character Blueprint details panel, under “Animation” you’ll find the Live-Link settings. 

  1. In the “Live Link Face Subj” below, choose your own device. 

  2. Ensure the box is checked ON for “LLink Enabled?” 

  3. The “LLink Face Head” check box will determine whether head rotation is affected. I’d recommend leaving this active, but turn it off if you are using a mocap suit like Xsens or Rokoko. 


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